Quantitative techniques/ Statistics

Complete notes on Quantitative techniques/ Statistics

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Topic Sample
One way ANOVA part 1 Yes
One way ANOVA part 2 No
Basic principles of ANOVA No
Time series part 1 Yes
time series part 2 No
Regression part 1 Yes
Regression part 2 No
Correlation part 1 No
Correlation Part 2 No
Chi square test 1 No
Chi square test 2 No
F test No
T test No
Z test No
Errors in hypothesis testing No
process of hypothesis testing No
Estimation part 1 No
Estimation Part 2 No
Estimation Part 3 No
Sampling part 1 No
Sampling part 2 No
Sampling part 3 No
Normal and continuous distribution No
Poisson distribution No
discrete binomial distribution No
basics of probability distribution No
Bayes theorm No
Laws of probability No
Measures of dispersion part 1 No
Measures of dispersion part 2 No
Measures of central tendency No
Stem and leaf technique No
Presentation of data No
Classification of data No
Introduction to SFM No
Application of QAM part 1 No
Application of QAM part 2 No
Data analysis No
Measure of dispersion and skewness No
Probability No
Introduction to statistics No
Measures of central tendency No
Probability distribution No
Data collection and analysis No